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Tip of the Month


Always Warm Up Completely: Prepare your body to swing the club by using golf-specific stretching and by beginning to strike the ball using small swings.
Practice In a Station: Always set up an alignment station to support your practice.
Train Mechanics With Short-to Mid-Irons: When working on swing mechanics, begin with short irons and work up from thee. Look to “own it” with the 9-iron first before moving to the 7-iron.
Each Practice Session Should Include “Training to Play”: At the end of each ball-striking session, play some imaginary holes on the practice facility; go through your full routine before each shot. This puts the mechanics that you just trained to the test and makes it easier to transfer the new mechanics to the course.
Each Practice Session Should Include the Short Game: Make sure you set aside a significant portion of each practice session for some short game work. This is the most direct route to improving your score, as two out of three shots during each round are struck from within 100 yards of the hole.